Why A National Tribal Emergency Management Council Blog

Why have we decided to start a blog at this time? Well, the answer is simple. We need to have a place where we can better share information with one another, that lends to real time notifications to all those interested in Tribal Emergency Management. We, at the National Tribal Emergency Management Council, think that there is much more to be gained by sharing information with one another. If you are a person that feels that you do not get a chance to weigh in on important issues regarding Tribal Emergency Management and Homeland Security or perhaps feel that you are not familiar enough with the issues to weigh in, or you are very familiar with the issues and  want to share information  with other Tribal Emergency Managers and Tribal Leaders, we now have a place in which we can do so. So, welcome aboard everyone! The National Tribal Emergency Management Council is proud to sponsor the new NTEMC Blog! Happy Writing!!


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